Web Traffic Tutorial

Web traffic tutorial http://synthesis2012.com A short tutorial on how to get web traffic for the crew at synthesis 2012. Not too impressive visually, but full of good … source

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A Brutally Honest Guide That’ll Save You Money

This is painful to say, but… Most of what’s published out there about WordPress hosting is total BS. Not just incomplete information. Not just half-truths. I’m talking outright lies and boldfaced scams. You can’t even get straightforward answers to basic questions like… Should you go to the trouble of setting …

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How to Use Transitional Words and Phrases (with Examples)

Transitional words and transitional phrases keep readers glued to the page by evoking curiosity or hinting something important is coming. They’re effective, and today you’re going to learn all about them.  Some writers seem to have a magic touch… One minute you’re reading their introduction, and before you know it …

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